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I enjoy research and writing, and it comprises an important corner of my world.  Usually I have written about public policy and social justice issues, often approaching these issues in alternative ways.  The majority of writings on this website are of this type.  Some have been published nationally or locally and others are either unpublished or shared only in courses I taught or with organizations with which I’ve worked.  Occasionally I write songs, humor pieces, short stories, and other creative items, and I may add some of these writings to this site in the future.





For 50 years a powerful Right-Wing Movement has transformed America, capturing the Republican Party and achieving many other notable victories such as Citizens United, the advancement of school vouchers, and a concerted promotion of climate change denial that reversed a previously growing consensus to address global warming.

If Progressives and Centrists are to confront this Movement more effectively, we need to understand its history, affluence, structure, strategies, institutions, entrenchment, victories, and core ideology.  

Fifty Years is a free set of brief (5- to 15-page) descriptions of Movement features.  Its Parts include the Movement’s:

    HISTORY – it emerged in the early 1970s as a response to expanding progressivism.

    FINANCES – it is a rich people’s movement that has expanded enormously, adding new funders and funding


    KEY STRATEGIES – it has pursued 5 strategies from its inception: to create think tanks, infiltrate academia, reform         the law, develop a media presence, and create a base. 

    IDEOLOGY – it has adopted essentially a Libertarian or Deep Conservative ideology.

    KEY ORGANIZATIONS – it has hundreds of organizations operating thousands of projects, and its lead                             organizations are usually quite affluent and powerful.

    CASE HISTORIES – its victories reflect a capacity to quickly mobilize resources.

    CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS – currently in process, this part offers ideas for Progressives and Moderates           to counter the Movement more effectively. 

    RELATED ESSAYS -- various essays address topics of special interest such as a critique of Libertarianism and a               description of public choice theory.


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